A painting of

Painting like photography
with Mykaella Carbonera

A painting of

Painting like photography
with Mykaella Carbonera

A painting of

Painting like photography
with Mykaella Carbonera

The most memorable Children photos

If you´re looking for something unique you cannot do with your cellphone, I invite you to participate in my project A Painting Of Childhood, where I will portray your kids like in a fairy tale. 

Your children will be photographed outdoors in nature or somewhere with old architecture.

I will look for spots where colors pop up and where children can play so I capture natural facial expressions.

portraits inspired by the old childhood

My photos are inspired by the childhood of my parents and grandparents from the 30´s to the 50´s, specially regarding the style of clothes.

Whenever possible, I include games so children have fun and I get the best expressions. Below a few photos from the 40´s.

and a touch of painting

I also get inspiration from old paintings. I create an atmosphere where I combine techniques so you have unique portraits of your children.

Examples of my work

I don´t force children to smile. I believe childhood is about laughing, being naughty, crying over silly things. So why not capture different feelings throughout the session instead of asking children to show their teeth?

Moms reacting to photos

With their permission, I recorded some reactions of moms reacting when seeing the photos for the first time.


Nice and surroundings



  • 3 digital portraits
  • 50€ each additional photo      



  • 15 digital portraits
  • Simple photography, little retouching    
  • 15€ each additional photo  



  • 10 digital portraits
  • outfit for 1 child aged 1-9     
  • 40€ each additional photo  



  • 20 digital portraits
  • outfits for 2 children aged 1-9      
  • 30€ each additional photo

Send me a message

on whats app so I can answer all of your questions and give you booking information.

You can also e-mail me at: [email protected]

How do you know you can trust me?

I want you to feel comfortable when you decide to book with me. So please, send me a message and I will send you one or more contacts from past clients, so you can talk to them. Before, I recommend you watch this video until the end.

Message me with your questions

"How long is the photoshoot?"

It takes about 1h. Sometimes, it can take longer; it depends on the cooperation of the children. In any case, you don’t pay more.

"What time do we photograph? What about rain?"

When it´s sunny or during summer, we start about 2 hours before sunset to catch a soft light. When it´s cloudy, we can photograph anytime because the clouds work as a filter and is perfect for artistic sessions! If it rains, I´ll do my best to reschedule.

"Where will the photoshoot take place?"

For this spring, we will photograph in rapeseed fields. There are some about 30 minutes drive/train from Bern, like in Burgdorf and Frauenkappelen

"Can we photograph in my garden?"

I need to study the location to make sure it’s suitable for this kind of photos. I require a space with depth (length) and without distractions, ideally with different textures and colors. Also, this time I will photograph all families in the same location. That helps with logistics.

"Can I buy extra photos?"

Yes. Prices are listed with the packages. With the digital files, you can print them in a large format to create a big wall art.

"Do I need to pay in advance?"

I request 100€ that will be discounted later from the full price, so you´re not paying extra.

The rest can be paid when we meet or before showing you the gallery.

I´ve had a lot of last minute cancellations in the past and I need to be sure that you´re serious when booking, especially when I´ll be travelling from Nice to photograph for you.

I will only work on the photos and send them to you when full payment is done.

"What happens to my deposit if you cancel?"

In that case, you get 100% refund. If you decide to cancel, there´s no refund. But don´t worry, we can try to find another date for the session.

"How long until I receive the photos?"

I usually send them a few days later. But if I have a big volume of sessions going on, it can take 2 weeks to 1 month. 

"Do I have to pay one session for each kid?"

No, I can photograph siblings together in the same session. I only recomend booking more than one for more than 2 kids in case they are very energetic. 

"What should children wear?"

Wearing proper clothes and outfit makes a lot of difference in the final result. To make things easier, I will supply you with outfits for up to 2 children per session aged 1 to 9. I might ask you if you have already anything, then I don´t need to buy or bring it from France.

For the other family members, including parents, I will give you detailed advice about what to wear and I´ll help you choose so you can get the best results. 

"My kids don´t like photos"

This is normal since sessions tend to be boring. For this reason, I try to make the moment fun: they can play, explore, have an ice cream…but if for some reason it doesn’t work, I still reassure you quality photos (we just have to be patient, that’s all!)

"Will you publish the photos?"

Only if you allow me

"Can I have a family photoshoot?"

Of course! Not only family, but maternity, mother-daughter. If you have any other request, please message me.

"Why Should I Book An Artistic Photoshoot?
Isn´t It Just Photoshop?"

In order for me to get that kind of photo, I need to:

1. Study location in person

2. Study how light behaves in that location at a specific hour

3. Ask you about what your kids like and try to create images in my head of the final result 

4. Help you with specific clothing

And there´s more. Artistic portraits help to tell your children story in a magical way.  Parents say it looks like a fairy tale or paintings. 

Hi, I´m Mykaella Carbonera, a Brazilian photographer currently living in Nice, France. 

The earliest memory I have of my childhood is when I was 3 years old.

I used to spend the weekends at my grandmother’s farm and I remember my mother bathing me in the sink

On one of those days, I arrived running covered in mud, telling my mother that I had found a diamond.

She looked at me in amazement, not because of the diamond, but because she had just given me a bath! 

In the 1980s, my family didn’t have a camera. I don’t have any photographs of that phase of my childhood whose strongest memories are those from my grandma’s.

When I decided to become a children photographer, I wanted to rescue the child that still lives in me with portraits that show innocence and mischief through my artistic look and provide parents with that delicious warmth in their hearts.

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Behind the scenes of a photoshoot I did in 2022 in the lavender fields, in France

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